This blog is an excercise in catharsis.  From the first word written, I have felt a certain cleansing,  a feeling like weight lifting, slowly but surely, from my hunched and bent shoulders.  The death of my son, Zachary Marco, his murder actually, has been a transformative event made more intense by my own obsessive resolve to help the police catch his murderers.  It was highly publicized here in Arizona and made the national news because I offered a deal to the non-shooter – turn the other guy in and I will help you find a lawyer, pay for a lawyer and work with you on a plea deal. In a number of blogs, I was compared to Mel Gibson in Ransom which is only true to the extent that my offer was just a vehicle.   Really, all I wanted to do was stay in the news and get the word out:  Find my son’s laptop and cell phone, the items they killed him over, and you find the killers.  That part of it worked.  A lady found his bag, found the laptop and turned it in.  The fingerprints led the police to his killers.  One of them now faces the death penalty. 

This blog is a part of my grief process.  It allows me, through the shadows of digital discourse, to open up, to put into words the feelings I have thus far bottled into self imposed isolation.  I have, to be sure, actually forced myself not to write. 

SO here I find myself, the parent of a murdered child, a career criminal defense attorney who gave up his practice on the day his son was shot, and a lonley man, looking into an uncertain future, writing about something I never permitted myself before:  Feelings.

You can find me at www.mmwazlaw.com

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  1. annette says:

    Hey Dan, I have read every blog, (some of them twice), and all of the comments.
    One blog really struck me and I want to tell you about because it made me happy and I want to share that with you..….
    Two years ago I attended a 3 day Angel therapy class. At one point we began talking about how feathers and shiny things are gifts from our Angels, Guardians or Guides. These gifts are to be intuitively interpreted by the finder. I really like the fact that you have a jar of meaningful feathers and may remember when each or all came to you! Finding white feathers is truly spiritual and Angelic. Its so simple with profound truth and meaning. I really liked your story, thank you.
    I want to mention after reading all the comments that I felt because of your words and openness that the whole time you have been healing yourself, you and your son have been the healers and helpers of others. Your words are so powerful its just beautiful. I am sorry for your sadness and feel by your words that this month, the date and time will always be a part of you. I hope you find happiness in your life. By how you describe Zack, it sounds like he would want his father to be happy.
    I send you blessings, peace and happiness. I feel truly honored to have met you.

    • daniel marco says:

      Thank you I really appreciate you taking the time to read all these posts and things and look forward to seeing you and your daughter again at the Harp. Take care.

  2. Dave Muzyka says:

    Mr. Marco – One of my hobbies/stress relievers/therapies is to “rabbit hole” on the internet, following links and whims to broaden my insight or interest. I am breath-taken at the sadness yet beauty of the words you have posted here, the horrific events that unfolded, and your slow journey through some very desperate times that I hope somehow seem less painful with time.

    Zachary was a remarkable man. And he has a remarkable father. Godspeed to you…

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